Fans of All Types

A promoter asked us once, "What is your Fan Base?" This question made us think for a minute, "I dont really know, We dont discriminate! Young & Old everyone who has seen or heard us liked what we do."

We have been in this "rap game" for along time & the greatest part about it is the fans. Their feedbacks & testimonies - good & bad, helps our way of making music. "Its been a couple of people who have said, I dont like rap but I can listen to Mike Bone."
This is a facebook post by Shannon Burris, (( The day my best friend got picked up on a P. O. violation I was distressed think about what am I gonna do, how can I help him... I got to visit with him, he said "No Worries i'm okay, I got my bible and i'm praying" I went home and that night I was on YouTube and something told me to click on your video, the first one I watched was Rain Dance... loved it then i watched Throw It Up... and I knew it was God that was letting me know its going to be ok! I thank God for showing me Mike Bone and I thank you for listening to your calling! I'm not a big on church or anything but yall move me! So Thank You! ))
I dont know how many rap groups that try their best to stay in touch with their fans, but it really makes an impact on their lives. Plus it helps you find out what your fans are "into" so you can be versatile (if talented enough) to try & make music that they may appreciate.
So believe us when we say, "WE HAVE FANS OF ALL TYPES!" From Christian to Muslim, From Blind to Def, From Rich to Poor, From Country lovers to Rock heads, the list goes on & on when it comes to Fans of LiL Mike & Funny Bone.