“America’s Got Talent is a hit again this Summer and recently, two rappers from Oklahoma City, Lil Mike and Funny Bone, made quite an impression on viewers. Unfortunately, last week, the judges booted them off the show. On stage, standing just over four feet tall, there was no way judges were going to overlook the rapping brothers. “We rocked it and the crowd, they loved it,” Funny Bone said. “I mean, we got a big response from them and the judges, they were shocked.” A response Lil Mike and Funny Bone have been waiting to hear. (Full Story on Link)”” - Courtney Francisco,(Jul 24, 2013)

KFOR.com / TV

“Just because you're small doesn't mean you can't have a big impact, rappers LiL Mike & Funny Bone use the message in their music to inspire, raise hope, be different & dream big.”” - Charles Kennedy

OETA.tv Gallery

“Muriel getting mixed responses in Elmore City, Lauri Martin adds some finishing touches to a mural advertising the towns upcoming Footloose Festival and a guest appearance by Oklahoma City based, Christian rap group, Mike Bone.”” - Lindsey Temple

The Garvin County News Star

“A motivating documentary of a very talented duo that will have you laughing and crying. The real story of two short Native American brothers that have a big goal, to reach the world with their talent.”” - Chris Combs

Looked Over But Never Over Looked

Faith takes Brothers from Gangsta to Gospel, Lil Mike and Funny Bone await their big break as an Indian, Christian, hip-hop act. (This was a front page article) http://newsok.com/article/2942046” - Ken Raymond

The Daily Oklahoman

In addition to her Hall of Fame induction, Mickie James will be performing live at the Awards ceremony and will be joined by an A List of entertainers and musicians including; Josh Halverson (Sioux) from NBC’s The Voice, brother rappers Lil Mike & Funny Bone (Pawnee/Choctaw) from Americas Got Talent, Nahko of Nahko & Medicine for the People (Apache/Mohawk), Juno winners and GRAMMY nominees Northern Cree (Cree), the Village People’s Felipe Rose (Taino/Lakota), The Revenant actor, Arthur Redcloud (Navajo), actor/musician Gary Farmer (Cayuga) and former Miss Universe Ashley Callingbull (Cree). Read more at http://www.mandatory.com/wrestlezone/news/887571-mickie-james-to-be-inducted-into-native-american-music-awards-hall-of-fame#FOAqQQbIM5wHo8WE.99” - Bill Pritchard


“Christian rap isn't a new genre, but it is one that is definitely on the rise. It's not unusual to see fans tweeting the lyrics to their favorite Lecrae songs, or showing their friends the newest video from Andy Mineo. With inspirational hip-hop becoming so popular, I figured I'd put a little twist on this month's artist interview. Meet Lil' Mike and Funny Bone. If you're from Oklahoma City, you might recognize them from their many performances around the area. Or you may recognize them from a little show called (drumroll please) "America's Got Talent!" You heard right. This awesome rap duo brought glory to the King of Kings this past season with their song "Do the Rain Dance." And might I add America was more than pleased with their hard hitting lyrics and a beat you can't help but move to. (Cue the lady in the audience getting out of her seat to dance...) ((full blog on web link))” http://thegirlaftergod.blogspot.com/2013/09/lets-get-together-mike-bone-artist.html?m=1” - Karli Evelyn

Girl After God Blog

“Bobo’s Chicken Story played on COX CABLE ON-DEMAND. Bobo’s ambassadors if you will Lil Mike and Funny Bone, true OKC originals are such big Bobo’s fans, they did a song about the place.”” - Dustin, (Dec 31, 2007)


“Lil Mike and Funny Bone have recently appeared on America’s Got Talent. The brother rappers from Oklahoma City surprised the panel and earned a trip to Las Vegas. From the Pawnee and Choctaw tribes, the two have been rapping for several years.”” - Paul G