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The Subjective Perspective with Mike Bone

Be Awoke Ent, San Francisco, CA

The Subjective Perspective kicks off Season 6 in 2020 with Oklahoma’s finest hip hop duo that you may have seen on television shows such as America's Got Talent, PBS and heard about due to their many music awards earned...the one and only, Lil Mike & FunnyBone, will be gracing our internet waves for episode 139 on 1/31/20 at 1pmPST (3pm CT and 4pm EST)! As always listen to this incredible interview/convo with Mike & Bone LIVE at and ENJOY THE SHOW!!


Songs of Sovereignty interviews Mike & Bone

KKCR Radio, Princeville, HI

Wed Jan 29 2020 Songs of Sovereignty interviews Mike & Bone on KKCR Radio 1:45 CST ~ 9:45am Hawaii-Time

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