Picking Music

Are you picking the music you listen to or are you letting the industry effect what you like.

So you hear a song on the radio and you say this is a terrible song. you hear it again and you change the channel. you hear it again and then you wait for it to end. You hear it again and you think this song isn't that bad. then when you hear it again you think to yourself, this song is alright & even find yourself repeating the lyrics that you may or may not have known that you knew the words. If you ask me that's how the media trains your mind to like what they want you to like. 

Even if you don't agree with the subject of the song or lyrics of the song, if the melody is catchy enough it will be imprinted not only in your mind but sometimes in your heart. Being overloaded with music that incourages a lifestyle you dont live may effect your life choices either in a good way or a wrong way.
so I ask you again are you picking the music that you like or what they want you to like?